Taste of Italy, Edinburgh

From walking past Taste of Italy I have always thought it was a cafe, it does describe itself as a cafe…. however if every cafe was like this I would be a big fat pie. I have only recently entered its doors a couple of times, and I tell you what I’m amazed by the whole experience every time.

This is a restaurant/cafe that does not need to take bookings because it knows people are willing to wait fifteen/twenty minutes for a table, even in a queue that goes out of the front door. Now that is some confidence, however it is also understandable as it is very well organised for such a fast paced environment.

Maybe slightly so organised to the point of rude as you can’t help feel slightly rushed, however business is business. The waitresses are all beautiful, one has a job to sit you to your table, one has a job to take your order, one gives you your food and the other gives you your bill. Like Clockwork.

It is very simple and classic, and dear god if you get the table in the corner with the TV above it WATCH YOUR HEAD, cause they literally couldn’t care less if you wack yourself off of it….. this is from personal experience as well as watching others.

On to the food….

The menu consists of paninis, burgers, pizzas, pastas and salad….on this occasion I decided on a pasta which was the ‘Gnocci Gusto’. This is gnocci, bacon, leeks and a goats cheese sauce, however I decided to be a difficult customer and ask for it with pasta instead as I wasn’t in a potato mood…. the waitress didn’t seem impressed. I didn’t eat much of it as I was slightly fragile from the night before and unfortunately a goats cheese sauce wasn’t doing me much good… however it was tasty. I could stomach a pudding (surprise surprise) so I went for the chocolate, honeycomb and marshmallow ice cream sundae, it was delicious!

I tell you what I would go to this restaurant again and again because the prices are incredible and there is literally so much on the menu that you would never get bored of eating there.

I 100% need to go back when I am feeling more refreshed so I can try something more substantial….I’m feeling a pizza!!


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