Six, Newcastle

Lewis managed to convince me that we were going to a burger restaurant by the Quayside for dinner, but we were going to have cocktails at the Baltic first. Little did I know after our first cocktail with an incredible view of the city, that one of the waiters would come through and tell us that our table was ready……. the sly one that is Lewis had booked a table at Six instead. I was impressed at his attempt to keep this a secret, yet unimpressed at the fact I had just finished work so I was wearing converse, probably not the ideal shoe choice for this restaurant. 

The waiter was wonderful, everything was done to perfection and I would simply go back purely because of his service. 

For my main course I had the roast cod with creamed potato, fried Jerusalem artichokes and crushed hazelnuts. Every mouthful was a dream, each part of the dish was amazing. I have never had fried artichoke before and I suddenly have a new found love for it, it was a true delight. This dish was also very light yet filling at the same time, an all-round winner if you ask me. 

The cocktail menu is lovely; I enjoy it when a restaurant or bar is creative enough to invent their own cocktails with individual names. I had the Fallen Angel cocktail which consisted of vanilla vodka, smushed strawberries, Licor 43 and Prosecco, it also came with a little side of jelly beans. It was truly delicious as well as beautiful.

The only fault I would give Six is the service we had before we were sat down at the restaurant, as it was clear we were waiting to order drinks, yet the staff were having a good old chin-wag. 

Six is lovely, I would go back for special occasions and treats as the views, the restaurant service and the food were on top form. The menu also changes, which I love as there is always something new to experience. 

P.S I still haven’t been to the burger restaurant *hint hint*



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