Fishers in the City, Edinburgh

My Dad suggested a catch up dinner at Fishers in the City, in the past I have not been much of a fish person however in more recent times I have been attempting to ‘branch out’ when it comes to trying fish dishes, so this was an ideal restaurant choice in regards to this.

As I was walking towards this restaurant through Thistle Street I noticed that nearly every restaurant was empty until I entered Fishers, and it was busy which is an altogether good sign.

There is a lot to choose from and all of it sounds delightful, so it was a pretty tough decision over all. The starter however that caught my eye was part of the ‘Fishers favourites’ menu and it was the steamed Shetland mussels with a chorizo and Thistly Cross Cider sauce. There is an option for a small or large portion, and as this was my starter I decided on the smaller size. I can only imagine what the large portion consists of as this was big enough for me! Over all it was delicious, I enjoyed the delicate spicy taste of the chorizo along with the mussels and the cider gave the whole dish a lovely sweet flavour.

For my main course I ordered the pan seared monkfish tail, goats cheese and crab tart with a fennel and grapefruit salad. Every part of the dish complimented the other, and I feel quite pompous describing it in this way but it truly was an awesome combination. The main reason I chose this dish is because of the goats cheese and crab tart, however the whole thing was demolished in seconds and I couldn’t tell you what my favourite part was, however I will certainly be ordering it again.

The waitress was very friendly and the atmosphere was lovely as well, I applaud any restaurant that can be busy on such a quiet street!

I will be back!


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