Hotel Chocolat, Edinburgh

No, this is not a restaurant, however it is too good not to write about.

There is a Hotel Chocolat in both Edinburgh and Newcastle, and every time I walk past the window display I find myself craving chocolate. Mum received vouchers for Hotel Chocolat for Christmas, and I JUMPED at the chance to go with her to have a look around.

LITTLE DID I KNOW, they give you little tasters of things, not just one, MANY. The customer service is wonderful as well, and as there was so much to choose from they helped us narrow down what we were wanting.

I have to say that the little dark chocolate eggs filled with raspberry cream will forever be etched in my mind, let’s hope they have an alternative for when Easter is over.

Once we had decided on a couple bits and bobs we went to the little cafe at the back of the Edinburgh store, unfortunately the Newcastle one does not have this.

I ordered the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate and Mum ordered the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, however the one flaw was that the man making them forgot which one was which when he brought them over, and neither of us could tell which one was which either. However WHO CARES, because once again we received a free chocolate, AND the hot chocolate was delicious.

I have just been on the website and found out that there is a Hotel Chocolat restaurant in London that specialises in ‘cocoa-centric cuisine’, I have just found the first thing to add to my food bucket list!

If anyone can’t find any birthday/Christmas gifts for me, step foot in Hotel Chocolat and I will be happy with anything.

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