The Botanist, Newcastle

If you live in Newcastle and have either Instagram or Facebook, you SHOULD know what The Botanist is, if not you clearly live under a rock. If I received a pound for every time I have seen a filtered picture of that bloody tree in the middle of the restaurant I would be a very rich woman.

(Rant over)

I had heard mixed reviews on The Botanist, and I thought it was only fair to try it out for myself, so when my mum decided to come and visit me, we went there for lunch.

The décor to me, feels like you have just walked into a fairy tale forest that has just had some form of celebration, it is beautiful and very well done.

The menu doesn’t seem to be of one genre so it is very hard to choose from. We decided to share the Salt and Pepper Onion Petals, while we were deciding what to order. They were lovely, and very pretty, however I would not advise to order it just for yourself as it is very rich. For starter I had the Homemade Scotch Egg with Piccalilli, any scotch egg is great to me, however I have been spoilt by the deliciousness of the scotch egg at the Broadchare, and this one unfortunately did not compare.

The menu is very random which slightly annoys me, however I have seen many photos online of the ‘Hanging Kebabs’, so I jumped on the social media bandwagon and decided to try the chicken kebab, and it came with a garlic butter. I really enjoyed it, it was lovely. The best part is the little dish at the top where the garlic butter drips down onto your kebab, and then onto your chips. Not only do you get a lovely flavoured kebab, you also get buttery garlic chips! I applaud whoever came up with this concept because it is quite frankly wonderful.


Mum and I were delighted with the fact that you can get a Strawberry and Marshmallow Kebab with Sailor Jerry Chocolate Sauce. So of course we ordered it to share, the chocolate sauce was unfortunately too thick to drip down the kebab in the magnificent manner that the garlic butter did, however we just dipped the different parts in the little dish at the top. Altogether lovely and very alcoholic.

The atmosphere is great, time flew by and we somehow managed to spend nearly three hours there, which is always a good sign. It has one of the best views in Newcastle if you are lucky enough to get a window seat.
However, the fire alarm went off three times which was frustrating, and the staff didn’t seem to know why it kept happening. It is also frustrating to just go there for a cocktail as there is little to no seats near the bar, however I believe an outside area has been created for this purpose since my last visit.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the food is good and enjoyable, it has great decor and on top of that a pleasant atmosphere.

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