El Cartel, Edinburgh

Oh my goodness me, what a lovely little restaurant. It was the 31st of January and my mum and I were looking for somewhere to have lunch and a cheeky cocktail, everywhere was packed, Yo Sushi had an HOUR long waiting list, so we decided to go down Thistle street to see what we could come across and so El Cartel appears.

Cocktail-wise my mum had a normal Margarita, very strong but also good, I had a frozen Margarita which was mango flavoured, and oh it was wonderful!!

For starters my mum ordered the ‘Plantain and Chorizo Fritters’ , I tried these before I had my starter, and it is safe to say I was gutted I didn’t order them myself as they were delicious, I have always wanted to try plantain as well and I am very glad my first time trying them was in El Cartel.

However although I said I wish I had ordered that as my starter I immediately took my words back as soon as I tried my starter which was the ‘Jalapeno Bombers’. I had no idea what to expect but they were just wonderful. They were a mixture of creamy and spicy all at the same time, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Whoever made these is an angel.

The mains are all different variations of tacos, the tacos I am used to are the classic El Paso shells you put in the oven, however these were soft tacos. The tacos I had were duck with grilled pineapple and a kind of salsa. When they came the portion was smaller than what I had expected, so lads if you are going I would suggest two portions! Unfortunately they didn’t come hot, more of a lukewarm, however they were delicious all the same!

The staff here were very lovely and attentive, and the restaurant itself has a great vibe to it.I am counting down the days to when I am back in Edinburgh to visit this place again.


Note – I have just been informed that a fire happened at the premises and they now have a pop-up on Waterloo Place!

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