Wings, Edinburgh

First of all I would like to apologise to the people in Edinburgh who I know like this place.
My first experience was not a good one.

As we walked in the door the waitress shouted something aggressively at us, we weren’t sure what, we then wandered in a bit more and the man behind the bar told us to take a seat. All in all the majority of social interaction was rude.

It’s in a cave which a lot of restaurants and bars in the old town are so the general restaurant area was alright, however the decor was very geek, not so much geek chic, just geek. There was Star wars, and Doctor Who splattered about in pictures and posters as well as an odd cardboard cut-out. It was tacky, I like geeky things don’t get me wrong, but if you love them that much a bit more effort would have been good.

The toilet was lit very badly and was like a toilet you would find at the back of a dingy nightclub, pee smell and all. I don’t normally write about restaurant toilets but I felt this needed a mention.

The food, as you can imagine it sells chicken wings, and just that. I find this a good concept as there are a large amount of chicken wing lovers out there, however the wings were not meaty at all and I’m assuming they buy them in frozen bulk. They serve them in polystyrene bowls and you have to throw your chicken bones into a bucket in the middle of the table. I didn’t like this…

The sauces on the wings however were really nice, my favourite was the ‘Jamayocan me Crazy’. However what really annoyed me was the fact that there were no prices anywhere, all you knew was that you got six wings in a bowl with a choice of your own sauce….

All in all I think it is pretty obvious this is ran by people who are students, or were students and still want to be. The polystyrene bowls to throw straight in the bin, the room looking like a boy in his late-teens got high and plastered posters on the wall, and the easy to make finger food are all pointing me towards this.

Once again I apologise to the fans, I get the pull to this place but I think we all know deep down there are better wings out there.

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