Babucho, Newcastle

WELL, were do I begin?

I was super excited to have a wee Christmas dinner with my friends here, because I have been before and loved the food.

One of our friends was going to be a little late so we asked the staff if we could order our starters and wait a bit to order mains so that they would be ready for when our friend arrived. The staff were totally happy with that and said it wasn’t a bother at all.

So for starter I had roast mushroom and goats cheese on bread with a lovely kind of pesto drizzle, it was delicious, my mouth is currently watering thinking about it. The best part was the goats cheese, it was the perfect consistency, I am always jealous of restaurants and goats cheese because whenever I try and make something with it at home…it’s never quite the same.

For main I had the Spaghetti Carbonara, I am not a carbonara person however I had been recommended to get it. It was the best choice, it wasn’t too creamy and it had wonderful chunks of pancetta through it, however the best part was the perfectly poached egg on top.

Now we weren’t planning on getting a dessert however Nikki, one of my friends, had ordered the King Prawn Risotto and unfortunately there wasn’t a king prawn in sight. Nikki let the waitress know that there were no king prawns just so she could inform the chef, however the waitress proceeded to point at the tiny prawns in the risotto and say ‘that’s the king prawns chopped up’. To me this was an incredibly odd thing for her to say.

Anyway she must have told her manager because we were given a free dessert platter and free glasses of Prosecco, now if that isn’t customer service I don’t know what is. Goes to show sometimes it’s worth speaking up.

The desserts were good, there were a couple of different ones, including a cheese cake and a brownie. However my favourite was the crème caramel, which was divine!


Babucho is certainly up there on my favourites list.


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