Wagamamas, Edinburgh

I know everyone has been here, and everyone probably has their favourites, however I feel I need to tell you about this curry.

It is apparently new on the menu and it sounded delicious, it was called ‘Surendra’s Curry’, I had it with chicken, but the sauce consisted of jalapenos, ginger and onion. I love spicy, but I also have my limits.

This curry was gorgeous, literally so tasty, however it was also incredibly spicy. I felt like crying while eating it but I didn’t want to stop because it was so delicious. All I can say is that it was a difficult time and it took me about an hour to eat it all. (No I wasn’t going to give up it was too good). So next time I will definitely be warning the people I am with it is going to take me a long time to eat my food because I will 100% go through the pain of having it again.




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