Teuchters, Edinburgh

This pub is a family favourite, to the point that if you have been there and haven’t seen my parents you were obviously not paying attention..

However this was the first time I ate here and, yes as you can see it is a mug of Macaroni Cheese, but this is a food blog so I’m still going to write about it.

The best thing about Teuchter’s is the way it feels like home, it’s always warm, cosy and I don’t think I have ever seen it empty.

The fact that they have a menu specifically for food in mugs is great, because sometimes you don’t want a huge plateful. Not only that, but the mug was pretty so I was happy eating out of it…

Anyway the mac and cheese was fab, the only thing is that I love it when mac and cheese has that proper cheesy crispy top and unfortunately this didn’t have it….but other than that it was great.

Next up ……Stovies in a mug!!






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