The Old George, Newcastle

This is a wee pub hidden in an alleyway in the middle of the city centre, a great find by my flatmates. It is the ideal place for a cheap drink in town, which let’s face it, everyone needs.

This was one of those occasions where we all thought we should meet up for a glass of wine, this then turned into many glasses and of course to a night out, however three of us decided that we should eat something.

So we ordered the ‘Classic Combo’, this included southern fried chicken, chicken wings, potato wedges, onion rings, nachos, scampi, garlic bread and a selection of sauces. This was at the small price of £11 which we thought was great. The lady behind the bar proceeded to warn us that it’s so big it can’t fit into their food lift, and I took this as doubt as to whether we would be able to eat it all.

Well, of course we did, I’m pretty sure we were fighting over the last piece of chicken….we like food sue us.

The food, well we were in a pub with low prices it wasn’t going to be Michelin star was it? However for classic pub food it was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I will be going back to The Old George, mainly for the drinks prices but if I’m ever in need of some pub grub, I won’t be saying no.

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