COOP, Newcastle

I will eat Nandos if it is the only viable option at the time, however it infuriates me that they think it is acceptable to charge over a tenner for a small piece of chicken and slump of sweet potato.

However in comes COOP with a similar concept to Nandos, on Monday they emailed me saying ‘Twenty percent off for students” I thought what a generous deal (we will get back to this) and it just so happens my friend Jasmin was keen to go here for a late lunch/ early dinner.

We arrived at the rustic chicken restaurant between four and five, it was dead and we were the only two people in there, however as the hour went on people did begin to filter in and I had to remind myself that we came in at a very odd time to eat so it was allowed to be empty.

The waiter was very friendly, chatty and obviously quite enthusiastic about the restaurant and even explained how the place worked. However when I asked about the student discount he stated that it is only after five pm this occurs, I checked my email at home and it does not specify this…. misleading for someone as poor as me. As he went over the menu he explained how they have many different sauces all at a different spice and that the very last two spices (The ‘nuclear’ spices) are so hot that you need to sign a legal document before you have them, we laughed in his face, he was of course being deadly serious.

He stated that one of their members of staff can handle them without even wincing, even though everyone else seems to cry and convulse.

On to the food…

I had quarter of a chicken with BBQ beans, sweet potato fries and a slightly spicy BBQ sauce. It was ready fast (bear in mind it was empty) and they place an empty plate in front of you and offer all of the different components in separate dishes with the sauce being in a shot glass. I didn’t like this, to me this was slightly too close to Nandos, I like everything on one plate… call me old fashioned. Although the sauce was tasty the shot glass was also not enough sauce for me….I like things saucy…

However the chicken was wonderful, it was seasoned so well and the crispy skin was delightful, it was also a perfect amount of chicken. The BBQ beans were so good the sauce was slightly runny however the flavours were all there, and the sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy.

The price was what I was happy about as it is only around £7 for a quarter of a chicken and two sides.


SO, in conclusion…. AVOID NANDOS, and visit COOP, I certainly will be when in need of Chicken.

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