The Butterfly Cabinet , Newcastle

The Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton is the hipsters dream with the quirky furniture, decor and staff. People have always said it is amazing, and yes it is pretty good but slightly overrated.

It is a bit out from me and so I drove there (which if you know me is a stressful experience) and it is safe to say it is not worth going out of your way for, however it is good if in the Heaton area. It would be ideal in town or Jesmond but of course that may be too mainstream.

I went for breakfast which seems to be the main meal I eat out for, probably because of my inability to poach an egg properly and my craving for the perfect eggs benedict. This time I avoided the eggs benedict and went for a similar dish called ‘Ranch Eggs’

This is three poached eggs on toasted muffins with a salsa and a ranch dressing. That’s right THREE poached eggs, it’s always nice to get that extra one. The salsa was good however I would advise you not to eat it if you are going to be going on a date as the onion taste does not leave… Now the ranch dressing, I have no idea what it consisted of but it was delightful, it was sweet, savoury and had a wonderful hint of spice. This is my first experience of a spicy eggs situation for breakfast and I certainly enjoyed it.

The service was good the staff are very friendly, however I was confused about how to pay the bill as once we were given our food we were completely ignored. We went up and paid the bill at the till because we saw a family do that as they were obviously getting impatient as well, however others I noticed got their bill put on their table. So who knows?

The rest of the menu looks good and I would definitely like to go back and try other dishes……When in Heaton.


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