Taste Of Italy, Edinburgh

This restaurant on Baxters Place stood out to me as a cafe, and so when I was told that I was going there before the theatre I was somewhat surprised. However as you enter, the back of it expands into the building and so the restaurant part was obvious to me.

I would explain Taste of Italy as an Italian diner, with cakes staring at you through a window in the counter, to the bright red decor, modern seats and tables and the consistent Italian pop music coming from the televisions. The pop music was a nice touch in my eyes because in Italian restaurants I have been to it is the same music over and over again. It was decided to go here as it is cheaper than most Italian restaurants but the food is to the same standard. I am happy to agree with this decision.

We shared the classic starter of Garlic Bread and this was as expected very good,  I have yet to come across a bad garlic bread. I then decided on a pizza, purely because the kitchen is open as you walk in and as I sat down I was in direct view of the pizza oven and I just couldn’t resist. I had the ‘Primavera’ this was delicious and I loved every second, there is honestly nothing better than a fresh pizza especially when it has parma ham, rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes on it.

The service was not terrible but not fantastic, there is not  much else I can say about this. The only bad part about this was the unfortunate decision to be sat under one of the television sets, so not only was it a bit too loud, it was also easy to bang your head off of it when standing up.

Overall fantastic for a cheap delicious pizza.

After my visit to this restaurant I was lucky enough to see Let it Be, a musical about The Beatles and I loved every second. So if you ever get the chance to go and see it, please do.


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