Chimichanga, Edinburgh

I had no idea that this restaurant even existed until my Mum suggested we should go as a family for my Birthday dinner. This was more of a casual dinner as I had already had my main 21st Birthday party. When I heard it was a Mexican there was no way I was saying no, as I was hungover and tired from the weekend and it sounded like the perfect type of food to sort me out. It is located on Queensferry Street and so pretty central.

The decor is very in your face, modern and if I’m honest not very exciting, I mean there’s a couple of booths at the back of the restaurant that look good but the rest is average. You can tell this is a new restaurant as the staff were completely useless, yes there was service with a smile however there were many occasions that our order was forgotten and we had to ask again, or different waiters/waitresses came up and asked the same thing and so their organisational skills/ training have obviously not kicked in yet.

I began with the ‘Buffalo Blasts’ they are supposed to come with a blue cheese dip however I decided to change this for sour cream (which they forgot) as blue cheese is one of the few foods I hate. These ‘blasts’ were battered chicken in a wonderful spicy sauce, they were very more-ish and even to the point members of my family kept ‘trying one more’.

The entire menu sounded delicious but unfortunately I could only pick one option and this was the BBQ pulled pork Chimichanga, you do not have to have the pork there are many other options of meat filling or even veggie chilli if you fancied. The chimichanga is a flour tortilla which is not just filled with pulled pork but also peppers, onions, cheese and chipotle chilli sauce. It is also topped with fresh salsa, guacamole and sour cream. For me this was a hearty meal which was very filling, it could have had more spice but over all pretty good.

I would like to venture back to Chimichanga to try out other options and in the hope the staff have sorted themselves out.


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