Bar Soba, Edinburgh

This was a random occasion where Lewis and I were desperate for some lunch, and being in Newcastle for so long I was not sure of where would be good to go. I remembered however seeing a deal on Facebook for Bar Soba (which unfortunately was not on at the time) and so we decided to try it out. Located on Hanover Street, I would say Bar Soba comes across more as a bar rather than a restaurant however as soon as you see the menu your mouth will start to water. It is also good to have a bar atmosphere that does not sell the greasy norm, as Bar Soba serves food from South-East Asia.

I want to describe it as ‘cool’ but that word doesn’t seem to have the same meaning as what it used to … It is a bar/restaurant that is slightly hipster with an Asian theme, there is graffiti on the walls and lanterns above your head. It is the perfect mix for somewhere that is fun and different. We were not there to drink but the cocktail menu looked fantastic and I loved the added twist of them serving their tap water in Patron bottles.

The service was fantastic, Lewis was starving so he asked that if the food was ready if we could just get it as soon as and that is exactly what they did. There was a constant service with a smile, with a friendly manner and always making sure we were enjoying the food and wondering if we needed any more drinks. I certainly felt like I was being looked after.

For starters we shared the ‘Hong Kong Style Dumplings’ which were to die for, personally for me every bite was like a little piece of heaven and we also shared the ‘Vietnamese Chicken Wings’ which too were fantastic. My only down point to both of these dishes is that I feel like you could have been given more, however this may have just been because I was starving. For my main course I tried out the ‘Rare Breed Pork Katsu Burger’,  and if you do intend on ordering this dish please keep in mind it is very rich and heavy. However as mentioned before I was starving so this combination of fried pork shoulder in breadcrumbs, on a brioche bun with pickled cabbage and katsu sauce was the ideal lunch for me at this moment in time. I enjoyed every second and I was very upset when it ended. It also comes with fries and tempura pickles.


So it is safe to say I will be going back to Bar Soba to try every other part of the menu out, unless I can’t stop myself from ordering the pork katsu burger again. I highly recommend for lunch, dinner or even just drinks.




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