Lane 7 (take two), Newcastle

First of all, I would just like to apologise for not posting for a while, it was simply a mixture of exams and 21st Birthday parties.

I have been to Lane 7 a couple of times now, either to eat or to just have a drink and go bowling, I love it. I honestly think it is wonderful how there is a place in Newcastle where you can literally spend the whole day and not get bored. The decor is rustic with a twist of American truck stop (in a classy manner).

Unfortunately on this occasion it was filled with children, which I was not expecting and which I did not enjoy. No I don’t hate children I just don’t enjoy the excessive screaming and shouting, and I know this isn’t the restaurants fault. So basically don’t go on a Sunday lunchtime if you don’t feel like being in the centre of a primary school.

The service as always was brilliant, everyone that I have so far come across in Lane 7 have had a constant smile on their face as well as being friendly. Those at reception are very helpful as were the waitresses, to me service is a big thing because if the person who is serving you acts as if they want to be there it makes you enjoy the experience more and Lane 7  are particularly good at that.

Now on to the food, Lewis and I shared the ‘Loose ends and Trimmings’, now one thing I can say for certain is that if you go here on a first date, or you intend on being delicate when you are eating DON’T ORDER THIS. First reason why? It comes in a bucket, that is right pork ribs, lamb belly, chicken wings, pulled pork, nachos, two kinds of coleslaw and fries come in a bucket. However if you are comfortable with who you are eating around I would totally advise you to go for this as each part is delicious and cooked very well, it is also a good option on the menu as it lets you try different bits and bobs and so if you liked a particular part you know to get the other version on the menu next time!

I did not have a pudding, I did however try one of their famous alcoholic milkshakes the ‘Yankee Doodle’. This milkshake has bourbon, peanut butter, bacon, maple syrup and ice cream, yes that is right they put BACON in a milkshake and yes this does sound odd, but it is in fact really tasty.

After lunch we went bowling and mini golfing, yes I did win the mini golfing against Lewis, my Dad and Wendy. (We don’t need to talk about who won the bowling). There is ping pong and karaoke as well which I will 100% be trying out in the near future!


Lane 7 is the perfect place to go with either family or friends to have a lovely dinner and to keep yourself busy with activities.



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