Blakes, Newcastle

Yes guys, once again I had Eggs benedict…. sue me!

We sat outside as it was a beautiful sunny day in Newcastle and there is nothing better than people watching on Grey Street!

The service was fast, however none of the staff acted as if they wanted to be there.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, the ham it came with was a bit too fatty for me and slightly chewy, although the Hollandaise sauce came in a beautiful little jug it was too thick to pour out properly, it was tasty but it didn’t shout at me. The eggs were cooked perfectly however I was given far too many slices of toast one would have been perfect…seemed like a bit of a waste! This is the first eggs benedict I have had with chives on it, and it actually worked!

The cappuccino was also not great….

All in all the best part of this experience was the sun…

Quay Ingredient is still top of the charts for the best Eggs Benedict in Newcastle, I will be sure to let you know otherwise!

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