Sohe, Newcastle

Some believe it is a cocktail bar, others believe it is a restaurant, it is in fact both, I however had no idea it existed until my friend Nikki suggested we should try it out for dinner. It is on Osborne Road next to Berlise, as you walk in it has a lovely atmosphere, very sophisticated and comfortable, the decor is immaculate.

We decided to share a starter of the Dim Sum Basket, Nikki doesn’t eat pork so we had those dumplings taken out, but the others which were chicken and seafood  were delightful! I really enjoyed them and I was sad to see them go. We also started off with the Prawn and Shrimp crackers, which too were lovely.

For my main course I had the Chicken and Mushroom Thai Green curry, it was not what I expected at all but was delicious anyway, the chicken was perfectly cooked and not dry, my only fault would be that the sauce could have been a little bit thicker as it wasn’t holding on to the rice/chicken.

Nikki had the Pad Thai and I had serious food envy! The service was also spot on, the waitress was very friendly and was always making sure we were okay and enjoying our food.

We were lucky that we had a 20% off voucher as it brought the price right down, and at the end of the meal they give you another 20% off voucher which was very generous! It would definitely be the perfect place for a birthday,celebration or somewhere finally in Jesmond you can take your parents without the carpets being soaked in beer.

I am excited to go back and try the rest of the menu!



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