Dusit, Edinburgh

After I had written a post on Time 4 Thai I was told by friends to try out Dusit on Thistle Street, I was excited to go for lunch there with my mum as she is a massive fan of Thai food (as am I).

It was a cosy and busy little place and the staff were friendly as we walked in, we ordered from the lunch menu. I started off with the ‘Money Bags’ which was Chicken with Asian Spices and vegetables wrapped in Spring Roll parcels. They were okay, there was not much flavour or spice going on. I then moved on to ‘Gai Chao Koh’ which was stir fried Chicken with a Satay Sauce and Chinese leaves, I was once again underwhelmed. The rice was nice but the main dish in general was not great, I have had my fair share of Satay Sauce and I don’t believe this reached the top 5…

My mum had the Beef Thai Green Curry which had unfortunately curdled..

When we had finished they took the plates away and gave us the bill, and while we were finishing off our drinks they wiped the table clean and set it for the next people coming, there were however other free tables exactly like ours, so it felt as though we were being rushed out.

Overall not great experience, however I was told to go by many people so lets hope that Dusit were having a very bad day, I am also told the dinner menu is better, so I may have to try it out.

In conclusion, Time 4 Thai is still my favourite Thai restaurant in Edinburgh, I am open to other suggestions!




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