Café Rouge, Newcastle

It is safe to say I was disappointed, I often go here with family members for a couple of drinks if they ever come to visit me in Newcastle, as I love the interior and it is a good location.


This was the first time I ate here, I ordered the Scottish Salmon Fish Cakes rolled in Oats with a Lime and Coriander Mayo served with Frites (chips). The taste of the fish cakes was okay but they were pretty dry, I had to basically smother them in the mayonnaise and the chips were cold.

I then had the Dark Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream and dried Raspberry pieces, the fondant was broken so all of the gooey chocolate was coming out before it was put in front of me which was disappointing as I like to do that myself, the next mistake they made was put the ice cream on top of the fondant, which made it really cold when fondants are supposed to be hot/warm. I really enjoyed the taste it was just a shame it was cold!

The service was also not great, they never came over to ask at any point if we wanted a drink/ wanted to order more drinks, we had to keep going up to the bar ourselves. They didn’t have an excuse for bad service as the restaurant was not busy at all, I now know why.

I have personally been put off this restaurant.



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