Time 4 Thai, Edinburgh

This is a classic Thai restaurant on North Castle Street, as you can expect the restaurant is filled with purple and sliver décor with lilies and fruit carved into roses etc….

However although it fits into the stereotype it is actually done in a very classy way and is lovely to be in.

Whenever I have gone it has always been busy, whether it is lunch or dinner. The service is usually fast and the staff are very polite.

However on this particular occasion I was there on a Saturday and unfortunately they must have been stressing out because it was so busy as the service was quite slow, and although we were served some dishes at our table others did not arrive for a while…. which is not good form.

I had the Crispy Monk fish in Red Curry cooked with Mushrooms, Coconut cream and Lime Leaves, it was very delicious the fish was cooked perfectly and it was not too spicy. Ever since I have had this dish I cannot wait to go back and try it again.

The picture used for this blog post is my mums starter, I am using this picture as I thought it was so pretty, it is the Spicy grilled fresh Scallop Salad with slice Lemon Grass, Mint Leaves and Thai Herbs served in Scallop Shells, and she adored this dish.

I would recommend this restaurant if ever in the need for Thai Food in the centre of town, however avoid busy nights – Fridays and Saturdays… just in case!





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