Ketchup, Glasgow

It is not often I get to go to Glasgow and catch up with my friends but this was one of those fine occasions!

Emma suggested we go to Ashton Lane, and I am glad we did as it is a lovely little street filled with quirky bars and restaurants… exactly my cup of tea!

We decided to go to Ketchup as we fancied burgers. I went for the BBQ Sloppy Joe, this was BBQ pulled pork in a bun, with sour cream, and sweet potato chips!

It wasn’t really pulled pork though it was more ham hock smothered in a BBQ sauce, but it was delicious. We also shared chips and they were thick, but beautiful and fluffy all the same!

It was very busy and there was a queue for a table but it is worth it, and it kind of has a classic American Diner theme!

It was a very good restaurant choice by Emma…I would highly recommend if ever in Glasgow!




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