Lane7, Newcastle

This trip was for Lewis and I’s Valentine’s day, we had always wanted to go and thought this would be the best time for it!

So I booked a table thinking that you could just go bowling after, how wrong I was! You had to also book bowling and unfortunately by the time I realised that we couldn’t go bowling until ten, and our table was booked for seven. However this did not affect our night at all.

Lewis ordered the House Smoked Baby Back Ribs which he enjoyed, and I had the Smoked Sausage burger with barbecue glaze, fennel and lime coleslaw, dill pickles and what they call ‘dirty sauce’ (no idea). And instead of normal fries I ordered sweet potato fries. This was delicious and not what I expected at all, it had a kick of spice to it but not too much, and I would definitely have it again!

The staff were all lovely and helpful and the service was also very fast.

As we had to wait for bowling we decided to go to the bar for a drink, we decided to share a ‘growler’ which holds maybe over 3 pints of beer? Anyway it was great!

The bowling too was fun, it took me a very long time and many games to actually be able to hit anything – but I guess that is all in the fun!

Over all an expensive night, however a great place to go with friends/ on dates and I would highly recommend. The best bit about it is the atmosphere and the decor. It is a well thought out place and I have high hopes for it!

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