Indigo Yard, Edinburgh

Yes, another post about this place, however this one is slightly different.

I had the classic Club Sandwich, and it was delicious and is in fact one of my favourites. My mum and I were tempted by the desserts, but decided on getting two macaroons and a coffee each. The rose water flavoured macaroon was amazing, the other one had no taste whatsoever.

I love Indigo Yard and it will always be one of my favourite places. However the service on this particular day was awful, we had a main meal and this tiny pudding each and the whole experience took nearly two and a half hours.  I was confused, I actually stared to think it was maybe where we were sitting that people were forgetting that we were there. It was even getting to the point that people who arrived after us were getting served before us. However others were also getting annoyed at the service as I noticed quite a few people going up to the bar to pay there bill rather than receiving it at their table.

I have my fingers crossed in hoping that they were short staffed that day.

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