Centotre, Edinburgh

It was my Dad’s birthday so I came up to Edinburgh to spend some time with him, unfortunately he had quite a  busy birthday ahead of him, so I suggested breakfast, and of course he wanted to go to one of his favourite places Centotre.

Centotre is lovely, it is a big open space and I have never seen it empty, it is always buzzing with people. It is a family run restaurant and has Italian routes running through it. Quite oddly one of my favourite parts of this particular restaurant is that it teaches you Italian through a recording when you are in the loo, I always wonder if anyone has gained the confidence to use what they have been taught on the waiting staff.

For my breakfast I had ‘Nonna Olivia’s Home Made Waffles’ with Edinburgh bacon and Canadian maple syrup, I honestly could not fault this dish, I am actually ashamed to say I ate it before I remembered to take a picture, hence why you have been graced with the picture of my cappuccino (Which was also delicious). The only aspect I can point out wrong is that they didn’t give me enough syrup….but that will probably just be my sweet tooth.

I also had one of the fresh juices which was the ‘Pinocchio’, this was apple juice, cranberry juice and fresh limes and it was beautiful and refreshing!

If you are ever looking for anywhere in Edinburgh for a delightful breakfast I would recommend here!


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