Spy Bar, Newcastle

I am not 100% sure whether to call this post Spy Bar or The Last American Burger Company, as it is located in Spy Bar but on all the menus it calls itself the Burger company….  either way I’m talking about the food.

This was a day where my friends and I were in desperate need of some food and unfortunately on a Monday a couple of the burger places are closed during lunch time, which is what we were craving. However on our mission to find burgers we thought we would try out the re-vamped Spy Bar.

I ordered the Hipster Burger which was, a beef burger topped with pulled pork, green chilli mayonnaise, lettuce and home-made coleslaw. All of the burgers come with fries, I swapped mine for curly fries. I also ordered the Bingo Wings to share with one of my friends, basically chicken wings in a hot pepper sauce.

It wasn’t cheap and as a student I wouldn’t go here regularly for lunch.

I did however enjoy how it is served in small wooden crates, it is always a treat when a food establishment brings a bit of personality to the table.

The burger was good, however I was disappointed to find out that the chilli mayo had no hint of chilli in it whatsoever, because I generally link chilli with spicy. The coleslaw was also delicious and curly fries are always a dream to me.

The chicken wings were good, they were covered in batter which I was surprised to see but I thoroughly enjoyed them regardless, they come with a blue cheese dip which I avoided purely out of my own hate towards blue cheese.

If you are ever in need of some hangover food and you have a bit of spare cash, I would definitely suggest to go here.


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