Rascals, Edinburgh

I liked Rascals on Facebook a while ago, and I believe their social network strategy is brilliant. They had a countdown to their opening, as well as always involving those who like them on Facebook and even doing competitions.

I was lucky enough to win one of these competitions, all I had to do was guess how many chicken wings were in the bowl in a picture they put up, and I guessed right! Which meant I got a free large bowl of chicken wings!

It calls itself a diner however I would call it a bar, it is a lovely layout very modern and the man who greeted us and the rest of the staff were all very friendly. We went at half twelve and it was pretty empty but maybe that was just the timing.

The free chicken wings were lovely, we decided to have the Louisiana hot sauce instead of the BBQ and they were the perfect amount of spice. The large bowl is definitely enough for two to share, however I’m sure those with a big apatite could handle it.

I decided to have the Bacon and Pulled Pork Burrito, it was a toasted wrap filled with bacon, pulled pork in a gorgeous BBQ sauce, jalapeños, onions and cheese. I really enjoyed this wrap, the pulled pork was in a beautiful sauce it wasn’t too sweet and the wrap was slightly charred but it worked with the whole flavour of the burrito! I also enjoyed how it came in a tin foil wrap as it made it a lot more authentic. The burrito also came with some coleslaw and jalapeño relish. It also is supposed to come with fries but I swapped them for sweet potato fries. The coleslaw was perfect with the burrito as was the relish, the sweet potato fries could have been a bit crispier but altogether were okay.

They also have a £5 menu, Lewis ordered the chicken burger from it and was highly disappointed as it was quite literally just a chicken on a bun, no salad, no sauce, no anything, so this was unfortunately Rascal’s downfall.



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