Sausage Emporium, Newcastle

This is a gorgeous little restaurant round the corner from the train station, and it is built into an old arch. It had just opened up two weeks before we decided to go, and so they hadn’t received their alcohol licence yet.

The lady who took us to our table explained to us when they opened and why they had started up, and it was lovely to see how much enthusiasm she had for the restaurant!

The décor was great, we were sat up on the balcony, I was amazed at what they had managed to do with the space they have in this archway and they have certainly done a great job!

I know I was in the ‘sausage’ emporium, but I couldn’t pass on the Pulled pork sliders with avocado lime salsa and homemade chipotle ketchup. The pork was seasoned very well and the sauce had a spicy nip to it but it wasn’t too much!

They also had a gorgeous sausage dog called Hannah who would unexpectedly turn up at your feet!
She was very friendly and didn’t bother you, apart from the beautiful puppy dog eyes which made you want to give her your entire lunch and order another one!

As we had just finished eating they had just found out they had received their alcohol licence!

I will definitely be going back to The Sausage Emporium to try out the rest of their menu! And I would definitely recommend going here!

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