Rosies, Newcastle, 25.11.13

This little bistro is a hidden gem in Gosforth’s little shopping centre, it is very rustic and as soon as you walk through the door it is as though you have accidently walked into the country side. It is very open and has a lovely big window that looks onto a park.

However, if you are not a huge fan of children, I would not suggest here. Everywhere I turned there was someone with a baby on their lap. Thankfully none of them were crying or screaming.

I had the Minute Steak Sandwich with Red Onion Marmalade and French fries; it also came with a mustard mayonnaise. The sandwich was gorgeous, the steak was cooked perfectly not chewy at all, and the chutney was lovely and sweet. The chips with the mustard mayonnaise were also delightful; it was honestly the perfect lunch.

Along with my steak sandwich I had a Chegworths pear juice, and I honestly did not want it to end…. Why is pear juice not an option normally when it comes to fruit juice? It should be!!

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