The Broad Chare, Newcastle, 16.11.2013

The Broad Chare had a stall at the Urban Night Feast, were Lewis and I tried the Monkfish Cheeks with Tartar sauce, and they were delicious so I was very keen to go to the place itself! When my Dad stated that he was going to come down to Newcastle I thought it would be the perfect place to go.

I thought it was going to be hard to find knowing only that it was on the Quayside; little did I know it was named after the street it’s on…..

We started at the bar first; it has a nice home feel to it, warm and cosy! More of a pub than a bar with a family friendly environment, it was very busy at the time we were there which is a good sign.

We then headed up the wooden stairs to the restaurant, which carries the same themes as the bar below except more open. It felt as though we were eating in a very large cottage … more country than city… I loved it!

It took us all forever to decide what we were going to eat as there were so many different delicious choices! The waiter was even friendly enough to help us decide what to have; we were having that much difficulty.

I ended up starting off with the Hand raised Pork Pie with piccalilli. I am so not a pork pie person … AT ALL…. but ever since I saw them at the Urban Night Feast I haven’t stopped thinking about trying one. I am very glad I did, the pastry was incredibly tasty and the filling was even better, and I have never tried piccalilli before, but I am certainly glad I have tried it now!

I then had the special which was Fish Fingers with Mushy Peas and chips…. and I hate to say it but I was so disappointed. The fish was dry and the peas were not very exciting, the tartar sauce was nice but that shouldn’t really be the enjoyable presence on the plate? I feel as though it was maybe under the heat lamp too long? Anyway it was safe to say I was disappointed.

I couldn’t leave the Broad Chare like this; I had made myself so excited to go there I could not go with a bad ending! So I ordered the Chocolate and Salted Caramel Sundae and thank goodness I did. It sounds as though it is going to be sickly but it is not at all! It has meringue, different flavours of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, lovely caramel sauce, bits of dark chocolate, and it tasted a lot like Ferrero Roche at the bottom. I am very thankful to my sweet tooth for making me want this, as it ended my experience at the Broad Chare on a high.

I do recommend, as I will certainly be going back to try more!

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