Handmade Burger Co., Newcastle, 8.11.2013

My friends from Edinburgh who live in Newcastle, Ria and Zoe, who I don’t get to see often were going on a night out, and unfortunately for me I had work at 8 AM the next morning so I had to pass…. however I managed to convince them to come for an early dinner with me. Zoe suggested the Handmade Burger Co…. and off we went.

It is in the Gate, and it is very open and chilled. The rustic decor is currently my favourite in restaurants; it has a fresh vibe to it.

There are many different options of burgers – beef, chicken, lamb and veggie; it was very hard deciding what to eat as there were so many different flavours and variations. I however was slightly shocked to find that you don’t get any sides with your burger, which itself would cost between £6-12, it literally comes by itself and if you did want side it would cost around £3 (even just for chips). We were very lucky that Zoe goes there quite a lot with her sister and so had a loyalty card, which she could get a free side with. Like the good person she is she said we could all share it!

Ria ordered the Beef Burger with cheese and bacon, her first words after she had taken one bite where ‘Oh Yes’, and then when she had finished she then went on to say that she wished she was hungry so that she could eat it again. If that is not a good review I don’t know what is.

Zoe ordered the Jimmy’s Beef Classic with cheese and caramelised onions (and no bun), and she said she loved it. What is great about the Handmade Burger Co, is that if you order with no bun they will offer to give you a free side of coleslaw! (This would cost £2.95)

I ordered the American Chicken burger with no bun; unfortunately they seemed to not pay much attention to mine as they forgot my onion rings and the sauce to go on the burger. However the grilled chicken was delicious and wasn’t dry at all, and the coleslaw and salad were lovely and fresh.

The chips that we ordered were chunky and delicious; I had the BBQ sauce with them which had the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

We then all decided that we were not quite finished yet, and the Sundae menu looked too good to miss, so we ordered the Banoffee Pie Sundae. This was really good and there were equal amounts of banana, caramel and ice-cream.

The best part was the 15% student discount!

I will be going back to try the many other options available, hopefully they won’t be as forgetful…

P.s we had no napkins at our table which annoyed me, yes I am that picky.


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