Deli Delivered, Newcastle, 3.11.2013

Deli Delivered is a company that Lewis has started up with Ash, who he works with at Deli Espresso in Gosforth. At Deli Espresso they try and use as much local produce as they can and most of the food they sell is handmade within the cafe. Deli Delivered is what happens when the cafe closes; they thought they should let the people of Newcastle have a taste of what they have from their own homes.

It has a savory and sweet menu, and unlike most food delivery services they have healthy options. This night was an event for bloggers, friends and locals to watch the launch of the Deli Delivered website as well as to meet Lewis and Ash, and to try out samples from the menu.

The cafe was decorated by Chic-osity, who brought a vintage flare to the event with a Gatsby vibe, and the Gatsby soundtrack was playing in the background giving the place a good atmosphere.

I helped out by making alcoholic milkshakes and doing other odd jobs, and if I do say so myself the milkshakes where a hit. Lewis and Ash worked really hard to make this company and event happen; I have never seen two grown men stress out about icing and cakes so much. I believe the whole event was a success as many bloggers have stated how tasty the brownies where and how they enjoyed their time.

At the event people where able to taste a wide range of rolls, sandwiches and cakes, as well as all of the brownies on the menu, and even the famous marshmallow cheesecake.

I know I am biased, so the only option is for you to try it out for yourself!

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