Number One, Edinburgh, 31.10.2013

I came back up to Edinburgh for a girly dinner with my Mum and Aunty, little did I know we would be going to a Michelin star restaurant.

It was a completely new experience for me and it certainly opened my eyes to the good life. They take your coats as you arrive and give you a very warm welcome. They even slide the table out so you can sit down, rather than scooching around the sofa.

Before the first course you were given an amuse-bouche of the chefs choice, it consisted of three elements, one was a small cheese pastry, a small puff pastry filled with a chorizo and cheese cream and a savory macaroon with a duck cream. We were then given a small bowl of pumpkin and parmesan foam, every aspect of both of these small dishes was incredible.

After this they have their own small bread table on wheels which they bring over to you with a few options of bread, asking which one you would like, as well as being very polite and being very careful not to touch the bread with their hands.

There was then a man who came over who explained the wines, tells you what is in them and what would go with each course, and once you have chosen, specific wines go in specific glasses.

After ALL of this, I had my starter, I chose the Partridge with Cepe Ravioli, Truffle and Lapsang Consomm. It came with a small lid on and as they lift it up the gorgeous smell unfurls itself from the dish, it was amazing showmanship. This dish was perfection I can’t even explain how delicious it was.

I then had the Borders Lamb with Black Olive, Apricot and Rose, and Smoked Aubergine, I asked for the lamb medium rare and that is exactly how it came, it melted in my mouth. The flavors of this dish were savory and sweet, it was as though my mouth was confused and amazed at the same time.

Our Pre dessert, a little mouthful which bursts with delicate flavors, was a lemon cream, raspberry and blueberry crumble, we then had another amuse bouche with three different components, it consisted of small squares of Turkish delight, a dark chocolate truffle with a melted middle, and a small macaroon filled with lemon cream.

And last but not least I had the Crowdie and Blackcurrant with Parsnip Cake, Pear, and Chocolate Sorbet. It completely befuddled me how they managed to make the sorbet stand up in that little cylinder! However very delightful and refreshing.

They were amazing at taking the dishes and glasses away, you wouldn’t even notice that they were doing it.

The presentation of each dish was amazing, I felt as though I was judging the final of MasterChef, everything was so delicately done and perfect, the pictures I have taken do not give it justice.

Over all an amazing meal and I will start saving now if I want to go back any time soon!

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