Cafe Royal, Newcastle, 30.10.2013

My immediate first impressions of this cafe were that it was unorganised and loud. It reminded me of a museum or art gallery cafe?

We had to find our own table because the waitress was to busy to sit us, it has the same concept as Nandos were you sit down and then go up and order. In my opinion it ruined the whole place, they should have just had table service, I think only certain places can get away with this and it was not one of them.

As I looked around I realised every single waitress was blonde…. as a brunette I was feeling a bit….odd haha. As you sit down they shove the cutlery in front of you, don’t place it next to you, not only that but Lewis wasn’t even given cutlery. It was the same prices as the other breakfast places I have been to in Newcastle but the service was not great in comparison … at all.

As the Raspberry Scone came however i forgot about the service, they warmed it up for us and gave us some clotted cream and it was honestly delicious. I’m not a huge scone person but they have converted me.

I ordered the Scrambled Eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes on granary bread, the eggs were cooked perfectly there was no fault whatsoever, I have also never had scrambled eggs and mushrooms before but they went together really well. The bread was beautifully toasted, however they seemed to have drowned it in butter, which I did not mind as I am a butter fan…I asked for ketchup with my breakfast and they gave me a precious little jar from Wilkin and Sons and it was lovely, I did not have to pay extra for it either. The tomato however did not go with the dish at all it was very sour.

Lewis ordered the eggs benedict, his opinion was that it wasn’t seasoned well, would have been better with bacon, the eggs could have done with thirty seconds more and the sauce was on the verge of splitting.  However although a lot of opinions he still enjoyed it.

It looks like a beautiful place but the way they run things doesn’t seem to go with the concept.

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