Vodka Revolution, Newcastle, 27.10.2013

It was one of those days where Abby and I had to decide whether we wanted to spend our money on the cinema or alcohol, we took the obvious choice…We originally wanted to go to Jalou but it was closed, then Abby remembered she had a discount card for Vodka Revolution…so we thought…why not?

It turns out with Abby’s discount card you can get 2 4 1 cocktails and two burgers for ten pounds!

We started off with the Tennessee Mud shake cocktail which consisted of, Vanilla Vodka, Jack Daniels Honey, Chocolate Liqueur, Milk and Cream topped off with Whipped cream, chocolate sauce and broken up Oreos, it took forever to make. However it was worth the wait as it was delicious!

We then tried the Absolut Passion, which has Mango Vodka, Malibu rum, Cointreau liqueur infused with lemon and passion fruit, finished with apple juice. This cocktail did not last long and it was very refreshing!

Since the burgers on the menu were between £9-11, we thought if we can get two for a tenner why not grasp this opportunity! I had the Ranch Burger, with a slice of bacon, cheese and chipotle sauce with salad and mayo, the burger itself for me was overcooked and a bit dry, however the bacon and the sauce made it great. The chips that came alongside the burger were lovely and crunchy but unfortunately came on the not very warm side.

Abby had the Peppercorn Burger and she said the sauce was amazing!

What annoyed me the most about the food is that they use Heinz Ketchup bottles, yet as soon as you taste a little bit of the ketchup you can tell it’s the cheap stuff.

Abby suggested we should get the Pornstar Martini to finish the cocktails off, and I am glad we did! It had Passion Fruit and Vanilla vodka, mixed with passion fruit, sugar, topped with orange juice and garnished with more passion fruit. It also came with a small shot of Prosecco! Although delicious these drinks are pretty heavy so I wouldn’t suggest drinking them all night.

We then realised Abby’s discount card could also get 6 shots for £6…. So we chose what we thought sounded the best!

Two Strawberry and Cream, Two Orange Chocolate, One Bubble-gum, and one Hazelnut and Caramel.

Abby chose the Bubble-gum which she instantly regretted as she said it tasted like tooth paste, her favourite one was the Strawberry and Cream one!

My favourite one however was the Hazelnut and Caramel!

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