Malmaison, Newcastle, 22.10.2013

My mum had come down from Edinburgh to visit me for a catch up and so she decided we should treat ourselves to lunch. We picked Malmaison on the Quayside, and it was dead, not one other person was there.

The hostess said they rarely have anyone in for lunch, we were both perplexed because I don’t believe there is such a thing as an empty restaurant during lunch in Edinburgh. Anyway she was lovely and let us choose where to sit etc, it was a bit dark so we decided to sit next to the window.

We ordered champagne as a treat, however she gave us the wrong one… a more expensive one and she could not stop apologising and said she would give us this one for the price of the one we were originally going to have…. That was fine with us, we were very pleased!

I ordered the Mal Steak Frites for my main course so I thought I would save myself and not have a starter, however I ordered some olives to nibble on, there was about six olives and it cost around £3 I was slightly miffed! The oil they put on the olives had a very sour aftertaste.

My mum started off with the Mushroom Bruschetta, and when she took her first mouthful her eyes rolled with joy! So I will take that as a good sign.

As the steak was put in front of me my senses were overrun with happiness! It smelt and looked incredible. When I ordered I wasn’t sure of the sauces it came with so I asked if they did a mushroom one, they did not but she said the chef would be perfectly fine making one for me, which was great of them. I asked for the steak medium and that is exactly how it  came, with the beautiful mushroom sauce in a little copper pot next to it. It also had french fries and garlic mayo, they were crispy and delightful.

My mum ordered the Pumpkin, Taleggio, walnuts & sage risotto which she said was delicious but was a very large portion!

Normally we would order puddings however we were both very  full at this point.

If you would ever like to treat yourself or any others to a lunch I would definitely suggest here, at least you know you will be getting good service as no one else will be there!

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