TGI Fridays, Newcastle , 16.10.2013

Because who doesn’t love greasy American food!

When Lewis and I walked in it was busy but they were very fast to sit us at a table, and the waiter seemed nice and introduced himself as they do.

However, although he handed us our menu’s and asked for our drink orders he forgets to mention the deal on the back of the menu……I can’t help but think that this was on purpose as I had asked others if they knew about it and they were pretty unhappy they missed out!

The deal is two courses for ten pounds which I feel is pretty good seeing as most of their main courses are around £9-10 anyway, and you get some pretty good options. I wanted the mozzarella dippers as they are an all time favourite, however they had run out so they are obviously not just my favourite! So i ordered the boneless chicken wings which usually comes with a blue cheese dip (yuck) I replaced this with sour cream (yum).

The boneless wings are good, little bit of a tang and spice but do get rich the more you have! As they took our plates away the girl who came over to replace our cutlery basically threw it at me and ran away which I didn’t really appreciate…

I then had the Chicken Finger BLT, it is exactly what it says on the tin! Delicious fried chicken and very filling! It also came with chips and a honey mustard sauce which were all good.

Normally when I am at TGI’s I get a half rack of Jack Daniels ribs but they were not in the deal so would recommend these as well!

I get everything with a side of Jack Daniels sauce…… don’t judge me.

Although the service was good on some occasions, it seemed to be impossible to ask for the bill, and when we finally got it, yes the guy was nice, but as Lewis left the table he kept insisting that I ‘accidently’ made Lewis’s pin number his tip, yes a funny joke but not when you say it five times.

However I would just like to say I prefer the Edinburgh one to the Newcastle one…..much better atmosphere.

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