Scallini’s, Newcastle, 13.10.13

This Sunday was spent trekking around Jesmond because my flatmate Rachael was craving a Sunday roast very badly! We went to the Lonsdale but they had run out, we went to Osborne Road and into many bars that served food, most do not serve a Sunday roast, then we went into Jam Jar and they had literally just stopped serving food, but thankfully the lovely guy recommended Scallini’s.

Although they were not serving roasts they had a deal on which was 2 courses for £6.95, which was good enough for us! The rest of the menu looked alright and were also average prices, but as students we went for the deal..

There were many options for the deal which is unusual but also great. As we walked in I noticed that it was busy, it had a lovely atmosphere and the waitresses were also very spot on and fast!

Rachael and I ordered the same thing, we had the Bruschetta to start with, the bread came warm which I loved however a bit too thick and chunky for me, the tomatoes were fresh and delicious.

We then had the Quattro Stagione pizza, which had tomato, mozzarella, olives, mushrooms, artichoke and ham, I was slightly annoyed at the arrangement of the pizza as everything was on its own separate part, so Rachael and I had to re-construct our pizzas so everything was mixed up. The pizza was also a bit doughy… I like them a bit crispier. However once I had perfected it for myself it was ok.

The best part was how fast the food came…it was brilliant! Especially for how busy it was.

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