Quay Ingredient, Newcastle, 7.10.13

Very cute little cafe near the Quayside, Lewis and I thought we would check it out for some breakfast!

There are lots of breakfast choices, as well as lunch choices, the prices are also very reasonable. Although small, it was full which is a good sign on a Monday mid-morning and had a lovely chatty atmosphere.

The waitress was so friendly, one of those genuinely nice people you just want to run up and give a cuddle! She said hello and goodbye to every person that came in and out of the door and I thought it great that she was always up selling. When we ordered breakfast she was always asking if we wanted to add extra toast etc.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Parma Ham, the eggs were cooked perfectly, runny but firm! The hollandaise was great and sharp and overall I will definitely be going back for it again!

Lewis had the Eggs Benedict with Crispy Bacon and he said it was really good and the hollandaise hadn’t split at all, he’s all about his poached eggs at the moment!

Along with my breakfast I had a pot of Ringtons Jasmine Green Tea which was perfect!



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