The Fat Hippo, Newcastle, 6.10.13

Quick Sunday lunch with Lewis and his flatmates Hayley and Morgan!

We tried the milkshake at the Urban Night Feast so thought we would give the burgers a go!

It was very busy, when we went in there were no tables but they asked for our number so they could call us when one was free, which I thought was lovely! When there was one free we walked past a large que going outside the door which is always a good sign!

They were fast with the drinks, and there were lots of burger options on the menu, they all sounded delicious! The prices were between £7 – 9 but I reckon that is pretty average for a burger restaurant.

However, the table next to us, all of their burgers turned up at really random times, luckily this did not happen to us!

Everything is presented lovely on wooden boards, Lewis and Hayley both ordered beef burgers, Hayley the ‘Fat Hippo’ and Lewis the ‘PB and J’, both of them were slightly disappointed, instead of chorizo Hayley was given bacon ( which she was not told about), they were also told that they would come pink, they were not… at all.

Morgan and I both had the ‘Spicy Bean’ burger which was delicious, the sweet chilli sauce was spicy but I loved it, I also ordered a side of onion rings, which were actually great because they give you a lot! However the onion themselves were a bit chunky for me, but the batter was delicious!

Overall good, I would like to go back and try other things.

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