Urban Night Feast, Newcastle, 3.10.13

One of my favourite nights so far in Newcastle, purely because I’m surrounded by food, hipsters (lots of beards), good music and alcohol.

If it comes back I recommend it to everyone, I had never heard of it but Lewis suggested we should check it out and I was keen!

It is in a warehouse behind the train station, was such a lovely venue, and such a great atmosphere, whoever was the dj, they were really great.

It was basically a lot of restaurants, pubs, cafes anything you name it, they all have their own stall and sell a selection off of their menu. Pizzas, burgers, fish, chinese, mexican, scottish, beer, gin and even alcoholic ice lollies!

The first stand we tried out was Purl London who were selling bubble gum cocktails, it was a fiver, and didn’t last long, it was a lovely taste, but not very bubblegum and not that exciting, however they were also doing cocktail classes but there was a long waiting list so we never tried them out.


The next stand we tried was The Broad Chare, who were selling crispy pigs ears, scotch eggs, pork pie’s, cauliflower fritters, monkfish cheeks, and doughnuts with jam and cream. Everything on this stand looked mouthwatering and it was very hard to choose from the menu! We ended up getting the monkfish cheeks (£3.50) and although a little chewy they were delicious! They gave you a homemade tartare sauce to go with them as well, and I will 100% be looking into going to The Broad Chare in Newcastle!


Lewis kept going on about ‘Fish Dog’ which we though we would try next, although a very odd name, it was incredible. It was £4.50 and it was a Pollack fish finger in a bun with minty mushy peas and tar tar sauce, and although we shared it….. I really wanted it all for myself, it was very hard to give half of it away!


Some one mentioned haggis and I was there, being in Newcastle you obviously don’t see a lot of this delight so I was very keen for this stand called Deeney’s. I found it very odd that they were based in London and didn’t have anything in Scotland because I believe it would sell very well! They were selling haggis toasties (£5)! With caramelised onion, cheddar cheese and mustard and every bite was great, however a little too much mustard for my liking….but I’ll let them get away with it!


The Rib Man, no one can pull me away from anywhere with the mention of ‘ribs’, especially when it states ‘the best ribs in London’. It was £6, you did not get the ribs themselves, they are shredded and put into a bun for you , the choice of sauces were BBQ or a ‘holy fuck’ hot sauce, we chose the BBQ, I just couldn’t cheat on the ribs by using a hot sauce! Every bite was mouth watering!


Although we were both full and could barely move at this point, we just couldn’t resist an alcoholic milkshake from The Fat Hippo. It was baileys, jack daniels, honey, vanilla ice cream, and peanut butter. You could definitely taste the alcohol, but I was not complaining. It was £3 and quite small, but very tasty all the same. The burgers looked insane, but I just couldn’t face anymore food so I definitely need to check these out!


I really enjoyed this night, and I will be thrilled if there is another one coming soon!


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