The Lonsdale, Newcastle , 4.10.13

So poor wee Abby was super hungover so I thought why not check out the pub round the corner so she can have a good hangover lunch!

It is much bigger than I thought it was and it was mainly old folk and men, however I can imagine many students come here as it is in such a good area.


It’s a nice looking pub, classic looking. There was a lot to choose from on the menu, it was similar to the menu  in the Standing Order, lots of deals and things, and from my experience at the Standing Order I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular food wise.

The prices were really good for what you got! There was a pick ‘n’ mix starter section where you could get two for £2.29 and we both got the Garlic Mushroom Yorkie, it was delicious!

I have never seen someone’s face light up as I watched Abby when the food arrived, it was mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce inside of yorkshire puddings, and it was lovely I really enjoyed it and would definately recommend it.

Then we both got the Indian burger, which sounds vile at first, but if you love Indian food you would love this! It was breaded chicken in a naan bread with mango chutney and lettuce, and on the side was an onion bhaji, vegetable pakora , vegetable samosa and chips!

It was good to begin with but the chicken went soggy after a while, but for a pub lunch it was really good.


However I went back with Rachael for a sunday roast, and they had run out of roasts by six, she looked like she was about to cry, however would go back in a second!


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