Wagamama, Newcastle , 15.9.13

So my flatmates and I had all officially moved in on the 14th and so the three of us went on a night out, so the 15th was perfect for a hangover lunch at Wagamama’s.

I had the chicken Tom Yum soup which was supposed to be spicy, it wasn’t it was boring and tasted of nothing.

I had major food regret as Abby had the Chicken Katsu Curry which looked amazing! Love a Katsu curry sauce.

Rachael just had a simple chicken dish that the waitress recommended (can’t really remember what it was called) she doesn’t really like spicy food, however she said it was lovely!

Abby and I also had the Mango, Apple and orange juice which is all freshly squeezed, it unfortunately was green and not nice looking but when you closed your eyes and drank it, it was lovely…. also it was bitty, which I didn’t mind but Abby was not happy!

Overall disappointing , the fresh juice was expensive, however would go back to try other things, and the waitress who gave us at the bill at the end was very lovely and chatty!


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