The Laughing Stock , Edinburgh , 14.8.13

My Dad and I were having a festival night! So as you do at the Edinburgh Festival we grabbed our drinks from the bar and picked out where to get our food from as there are many choices at the Udderbelly!

We picked the burger van at the head end of the big purple cow and it was called ‘The Laughing Stock’ , they had a couple of burger options and they all sounded lovely!

I had the one with the chilli jam, it was honestly delicious, and very ‘moreish’ however incredibly spicy but I wanted to eat more, so I had a to take a couple of breaks during my munching to compose myself!

Highly recommend if they are part of the festival next year!

We also went to go and see Abondonman and a comedian who used to be a rapper, unfortunately I have forgotten his name but would recommend them both anyway!


Slash my Dad just reminded me it was Doc Brown who was the comedian!

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