Tiger Lily , Edinburgh , 5.8.13

Before I start this, I would just like to say that Tiger Lily have always served delicious food and I am hoping today they were having a bad day.

My mum and I did the two courses for £15, so maybe they keep it simple for deals…

Anyway I had the Thai Green Chicken Curry with Steamed Jasmine Rice, and it was boring, I actually found myself fishing out the chilli’s to eat with the chicken so I at least had a little flavour. Normally I like to be a little bit teary because of the spiciness after a thai green curry, not today.

For pudding I had the Tigerlily Rhubarb Eton Mess, I love rhubarb, and normally when the restaurant puts their name in front of a food it means they’re proud of it. I’m not sure why they were proud of it, rhubarb is normally a delicious smack in the face, this was not, I felt they ruined it by being too fancy as they just put it in little cubes of jelly and a tiny amount of sauce. The cream was supposed to have elderflower in it, I’m not sure where the elderflower went.

And last but not least they have made the meringue thin biscuit slices….WHY?!

However the staff were lovely and very helpful, and I actually discovered the Elderflower Kopparberg here which is delicious.


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