Suruchi Restaurant, Edinburgh, 28.7.13

My dad and I had tickets to go and see Jools Holland live at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre as he was part of the Jazz Festival, and like most theatre-goers we fancied dinner before the show!

The usual restaurant for those who go to the Festival Theatre is ‘Ti Amo’ an Italian restaurant, however there was a 45 minute wait, which is no use for a show.
So we went next door to Suruchi!
It is a small Indian up a small staircase, not very noticeable!
However there where a couple people there, and if I’m honest I’m glad we went!
The atmosphere was happy, the service was quick, and the food was delicious!

However as we where the last people there the waiters where hovering around us a bit…

Anyway I had the butter chicken and it was delicious! I would highly recommend as a pre-theatre dinner!

P.s Jools Holland is amazing!

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