Roseleaf , Edinburgh , 11.7.13

When my mum said I had to go here for my Gramma’s birthday, I thought oh great, it’s going to be a pub lunch.

But no! How wrong I was, it is literally the complete opposite.
Not going to lie, I was slightly hungover so I was pretty disappointed with the lack of meat on the menu, but the table next to us had their food put in front of them and it all looked delicious, so my hopes went up!

Their menus are put inside very old magazines which I thought was a lovely touch and there isn’t much but it all sounds delicious.

When they gave me the magazines and I looked at the decor, I suddenly realised this would be a hipsters heaven. As I thought that a couple guys with beards and tattoos sporting their air max sat at the bar and opened their laptop. Yes I am being stereotypical, but in a good way!

However for my main I had the sloppy joe! Which was spiced mince meat with a spicy salad, pickles, jalapeños and amazing home made chips!
I then had for dessert two cookies, and in the middle was a white chocolate cream, and on top was a brown bread ice cream.
The cookies for me where a bit too much and where a bit chocolatey, but the ice cream was just heaven!
My gramma however had the churros for dessert, and they give you little pots of cherry jam and chocolate sauce to dip them in, I was having serious food envy.

Anyway I highly recommend!

P.s they serve cocktails in teapots which is lovely, plus you can organise a mad hatters tea party there, where they create cocktails for you and your friends while you all look crazy with your hats on!

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