Eteaket 5.7.13

This little tea room is not quite a restaurant but I believe it deserves to be spoke about!

It is located on Frederick street, and the decor is lovely as soon as you walk in, it was pretty busy when we went and a couple of tables where even reserved, which I did not expect in a tea room/cafe!

It has lists and lists of all the different teas you can have, and I had a beautiful pot of rose tea which was only 2.35!

Lewis and I shared the ‘Famous afternoon tea’, where you could have any pot of tea from the menu plus a small tower, on the bottom level was a sandwich cut up into four pieces (it can be any sandwich from the menu), the second level consisted of a LARGE scone and clotted cream and jam, and on the top was a small selection of mini cakes. All of this was fifteen pounds, you are supposed to get one per person but this was plenty for the both of us!

When you walk in don’t assume the front is all the seats they have they have a large seating area in the back.

I would highly recommend Eteaket for a lovely afternoon lunch!

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