L’Escargot Bleu, Edinburgh , 3.7.13

This little French restaurant looks like an art gallery as you walk in through the doorway, however you then make it up the small staircase and a beautiful little restaurant comes into show.

The two men that welcomed us where both lovely and happy people and I can only assume they own it or they are high up in this restaurants ranks as they where very precise and pernickety in every move.

It is quite pricey, however they do have a deal where you can get a started and a main course for around fifteen pounds!

For a starter I had a goats cheese salad, however i thought it would be quite fresh and lovely ( because i love goats cheese), but it was actually fried goats cheese in pastry on a bed of rocket, which was nice to begin with but became a bit too much eating pretty much a soft block of cheese.

I then had the confit duck leg, and so did Lewis, and the way they presented it was lovely. The man who welcomed us brought it over in a copper pot and put our plates down and began to serve us both our food, and you didn’t have to make polite conversation with him as he was so precise with the way he was putting this on your plate.

The leg was small but tasted great, it came with a pork meatball which I didn’t really enjoy…


Anyway, I would just recommend here for the atmosphere and the care these guys put into it, maybe I just ordered the wrong food….

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